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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pacquiao Vs Cotto Results: Manny Pacquiao Won on Round 12!

Pacquiao Vs Cotto Results: The live stream is over and Pacquiao won against Cotto! Manny Pacquiao Won on Round 12 via TKO!. Pictures and Photos will be posted in a while.

The new WBO Welterweight Champion of the world is Manny Pacquiao! Below are some of the images taken from SopCast live stream by MMA TV.

Manny Pacquiao Vs Miguel Cotto Final Punchstats

Miguel Cotto after being defeated by Pacquiao.

Manny Pacquiao Vs Miguel Cotto on Round 11.

Miguel Cotto Vs Manny Pacquiao on Round 12.

The Referee stopped the fight on Round 12.

Excerpts of Manny Pacquiao post-fight interview:
"Our plan and strategy for the fight is not to hurry. You know, take time. I'm trying to test his power. In the early round I'm trying to get his in the body and in the head. I'm looking for a knock out shot that's why I didn't throw a lot of punches. You know, in the last minute I gave a few punches. That's why I heard. I heard that he was bigger than me and was stronger than me. I tried my best to knock him out in the last round. I thought in the 11th round that they will stop the fight." - Manny Pacquiao

When asked of who will he fight next:
My job is to fight in the ring. I think it's my promoter's decision of who will I fight next. I want to spend time with my family as of now and I want to spend a vacation. It's a hard fight tonight, you know.

What do you think is going on in Manila and in the Philippines?
I think my Filipino fans are screaming today and they are very happy of my victory today. I want to thank you the Filipinos who came here today, specially the first gentleman and the Vice President. Thank you. Thank you to all!

Freddie Roach was also asked of who he wants for Pacquiao to fight next. Freddie Roach answered "Mayweather".

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  1. What kind of sh*t, The boxing is the same like the wrestiling, everything is bought.

  2. ILL GO FOR OUR FILIPINO PRIDE,,!!!!thats the way it is!

  3. damn, pacman s a monster


  5. Congrats Manny from Saudi Arabia

  6. he can't be stopped. floyd is next

  7. Way to go Mannny! You've made us proud... You have reached what others have failed and others have only dreamed of. You have proven enough, Mayweather is no longer in your league, no one is. Freddie Roach- without you and your team Manny would have not reached what he has achieved. You too have established yourself as the greatest trainer of all time. Today both of you have written yourselves in the history books that no one in a hundred years will be able to surpass. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!

  8. pacman the best. better than muhamad ali.

  9. Mayweather...Watch out. Time to eat your shorts.

  10. Manny you are the best God is with you to all your win because you share your winning to all filipinos with sincerely ang God is using you to help His people in our country for all the charities you already help, like hospital facilities, school and now I know that you will not forget the to share your winning to all filipinos that lost there houses because of Ondoy.
    God Bless you and your family

  11. Who'd of thought it would of ended like this...Manny is a Beast! unstoppable.

  12. to the one who said everything is bought... dont watch anymore... stop your sourgraping... and live another day... thats your view i respect that but stop complaining... you just lost your bet i betcha

  13. The day before the "BIG EVENT" we almost can not sleep waiting to know Manny`s VICTORY! Indeed the time has come, and we are confident of his success... CONGRATULATIONS MR. PACMAN, to Mr. Roach who did good as well and the entire TEAM. MABUHAY Kyo! Again, you made as proud to be "FILIPINO"!!! Thank God for your strength, talent and KAMAO`s.You proved your worth and BANSAG bilang... PAMBANSANG KAMAO ng Pilipinas!

  14. mayweather will destroy pacman

  15. One of the best fighter of all time PINOY ROCKS!!!

  16. yeaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! pac wins, im sure excuses from the doubters = idiots will rise up soon! :)

  17. Pacman is a great fighter. Hes nowhere close to Ali, and if people keep asking for it maywhether will end his career!

  18. pacman eat all the the ghost. thanks for the winning and bringing filinos pride

  19. Dam and i hear people philipinos cant fight shit pacquiao's a beast - Congratz

  20. manny , alam mo , marami ng nagdaang pagsubok sa buhay mo , marami na ring hirap ang pinasok mo , pero ito ang resulta ng mga ensayo mo . isang masigabong panalo naman ang natanggap mo , panalo ka naman PACMAN !
    UR THE bEST ! sana , magkaroon ng MAYWHEATHER VS PACQUIAO para malaman kung sino talagah ang pinaka mahusay na boksingero sa buong mundo , aasahan ko ang laban na yhan . at papatunayan ko na walang makaka talo sa KAMAO NG GEN SANTOS CITY !

  21. We are all privileged to have this phenomenal athlete live in our lifetime. Manny, your life and career is an inspiration not only to your countrymen but to all the world.

  22. it's a great fight result. His speed and power are the best. Who will be his next opponent?

  23. Manny is like a real live version of rocky balboa. i am impressed!

  24. Rocky balboa is the the best in the world !!!!

  25. Good JOB!Manny Pacquiao YOUR D BEST! U DID YOUR BEST!!MABUHAY PILIPINAS!all d pinoy in CONNECTICUT are very PROUD of U!

  26. all asians are good for are massages

  27. mabuhay ka manny! mabuhay ang ang sambayanang pilipinas! watch out mayweather,you're next. you can run, but u cannot hide!!!

  28. I'm very proud to many..!!!yahooooo...

  29. I am terribly impressed with Manny's victory over Cotto especially from thre hind sight of Cotto's firepower.The Caution is,you should not rush to fight Mayweather.Warm up by subduing some more tough opponents to get well conditioned for him if the need be.
    You made us all very proud.
    We look forward to a very exciting clash between you and Mayweather who has just resurected from retirefment and on a winning spree.

  30. Easy fight for Pacman. He can connect at Cotto at will
    Talking w/ Cotto's punching speed:
    Cotto is too SLOOOW for Pacman.
    Cotto's had come against speedy opponents before and beat them.
    But Pacman is different.
    Pacman has the speed and ACCURACY w/ his punches. not just punches but LOTS of punches.
    If Pacman had the speed and accuracy then he can deliver effectively his firepower.
    Or trade punches.
    "you give me 1 power punch then i trade with 3 power punches"
    then whose the winner?
    it may not be a knockdown but still earning points.
    Win by knockdown or by decision is just the same. Its still a win!

    As everyone says,
    Cotto throws his knockout punch this Sunday
    This punch will expected to land on Tuesday.
    That too slow!
    Coz compare to Pacman, he throws his knockout punch today and it will expected to land on the same day.
    One point in a fight about mid and late rounds Pacman urges Cotto to trade punches.
    Like "Common bring it on" Common lets trade punches!
    as Cotto start moving away from Pacman around the ring. (back pedalling)
    I can read Cotto's face saying:
    No NO NO, Im losing the trade of punches! I can't take it any more! I need to survive till 12 rounds"

    Talking w/ Cotto's power:
    I notice Pacman at one point of a time just dare to take punches from Cotto,
    Pacman is not insane!
    because he knows that he can take those or trade to Cotto's punches.

    Talking about Cotto's chin:
    BEFORE the fight i predict this fight will be winning by decision. No knockdowns.
    As both sides can take strong punches and a had a thin chance of a knockdown.

    DURING the fight I never Expect this and i hate to say, but Cotto's has been knocked down by Manny!
    A legitimate knockdown (not a slip!) that make Cotto's hit his gloves in the canvass.
    Where's the durable chin now?

    During Cotto's knockdown:
    I can see at Cotto's face saying,
    "this is not a joke! He's got the EFFECTIVE combination and SPEEED to deliver his firepower,
    Manny is too slippery for me. I CAN't hit him with better shots. How can i deliver my own firepower?"
    The last question is the Big question for Cotto!

    Talking w/ Cotto's jabs:
    I found Cotto's jabs more strong, efficient and stingy. but it's not that effective against a moving
    target like Pacman. It would hit Manny, and yes it stunned Pacman, several times during the fight.
    but jabs cannot knockdown a boxer like Pacman. Be REAL!
    Cotto's needs not just jabs and combinations to deliver his power
    but jab and GOOD EFFECTIVE combination.
    This is a trainers job..

    Cotto's Trainer:
    Manny has a good trainer than Cotto.
    Roach has more experience in teaching Manny what is the most EFFECTIVE combination.
    Like selecting the right weapon in the fight. Cotto's trainer doesnt have.
    Somebody still dont know that boxing is also a mind game and teamwork.
    Chances of winning starts at the training camp and finishes in the ring! its a team effort.

    Manny training camp has the right people to unleash his strenght against his opponents.
    Cotto had two trainers. you may have 2, 5, 10 trainers. but are they the right ones?
    Experience had serve at it's BEST!

    PACMAN has:
    SPEED - Before the fight Cotto still underestimate this advantages of Pacman.
    Cotto insist that he beat speedy opponents before.

    But he forget to consider that together with speed theres something else after the word:



    SPEED w/ ADJUSTMENT (type of opponent)


    and it KILLS!
    you may had the firepower but sluggishnes and imprecise where to hit your target is not effective boxing.
    you can take and TOLERATE those accurate and power punches
    You can stand on power punches.
    you have a durable chin for power punches.
    but this is not the way of winning a round in boxing.
    Others may say that its also effective in tiring your opponents.
    BUT PACMAN is a promising 12 rounder boxer!
    its more recognizable in past fights that he can go 12 rounds.
    Pacman can sustain that speed, power and accuracy until you had enough of it.

  31. manny keeps getting better and better!
    congrats to many..
    from FLORIDA,US
    i can't wait to see manny beating up GAYweather,
    hate him he keep talking shit and also his ape dad mayweather sr.
    i wonder if the fight would realy hapen coz mayweather keeps avoiding pacquiao.!

  32. for dota..manny is in killing spree and soon will be beyond godlike!
    gayweather will die!!

  33. Manny Pacquiao Is Really a Legend in Boxing. He Is really Fight For his nation and for the world. He is really a Pacman I think Mayweather is afraid to him. Next is Anthonio Margarito.

  34. any update on Pacman - margarito fight stream this sunday?



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