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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So it's the Steelers versus the Packers in this year's Super Bowl eh?

There's no surprise here. The Jets are tough, but the Steelers are tougher. I believe that the Steelers will beat the Jets last week, and they surely did. Now there's only two teams left, the AFC and the NFC champions. It's just less than 2 weeks from now, and the Super Bowl 2011 championship will finally begin.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be facing the Green Bay Packers this February 6, 2011. The Steelers are far more superior than the Packers because they made it to the Super Bowl more than the guys over at Green Bay.

What are the odds of winning this year's Super Bowl for the Steelers? Hmmmmm? I don't know, but I feel and I perceive that they will win again!

Now, will this be another sure win for the Steelers? I bet they will win. But we don't know how well did the Packers prepare for this most awaited match. Can they beat the Steelers? I'm really not sure, but I'm placing my bets to the AFC champions.

How about you? Who do you think will win in this year's Super Bowl?


Monday, January 17, 2011

The Patriots are out! Will the Jets now be favored to win this year's Super Bowl?

Yesterday's Divisional Playoffs was so thrilling and heart-pounding. The Patriots are out! Will the Jets now be favored as this year's Super Bowl champions? The New York Jets stunned Indianapolis Colts in the Wildcard Match-up. After a week, they defeated the most favored team to win this year's Super Bowl, the New England Patriots.

I bet Bill Belichick is so frustrated after they were defeated by the Jets. The New York Jets really did their best and showed everyone that they don't suck. The final score in the Jets vs Patriots yesterday is 28-21. That's a huge lead for the Jets

The star players of yesterday's match are Sanchez and Brady. Mark Sanchez threw three touchdown passes while Tom Brady was pressured heavily and sacked five times. Sanchez completed 16 of 25 passes for 194 yards. While Brady went 29 for 45 for 299 yards.

Omar Mercado of the Sports Newscaster reported that at halftime before Brady's 2-yard touchdown pass to Alge Crumpler and Sammy Morris' run for a two-point conversion made it 14-11 late in the third quarter, the Jets led its fierce rival with a score of 14-3.

Before the game ended, Sanchez came right back with a 7-yard scoring pass to Santonio Holmes, and the Jets and finished the upset with Shonn Greene's 16-yard touchdown run.

The game ended yesterday and the Jets won! The Patriots lost their third straight postseason game. The Jets will face the Steelers for the AFC championship! If the Jets will win this 23rd of January, they will face the NFC champs (it's either the Bears or the Packers) this February 6, 2011 for the Super Bowl XLVI.

The most awaited Super Bowl 2011 live stream will soon begin! I bet everybody's waiting for it! See you on the 6th day of February guys and let's all together witness biggest game this 2011!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Will the Patriots beat the Jets tomorrow?

It's NFL weekend once again and the Divisional Playoffs is getting hotter and hotter as the most awaited match between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets will soon begin! As we all know, a lot are predicting that the Patriots will be this year's Super Bowl champions!

Based on my research and according to various online polls, the New England Patriots has a huge chance in winning tomorrow's game against the New York Jets. They are also favored to become this year's AFC champions and will surely advance to the Super Bowl this February 6, 2011.

The Super Bowl 2011 live stream is much anticipated by everyone and we look forward to provide you guys with a working live stream of the much awaited Super Bowl.

On the other hand, whoever wins in the NFC will never have a chance in defeating the champions of the AFC. The AFC is composed of the best NFL teams and whoever wins the AFC will surely win the Super Bowl (Nope, I didn't say it. I just heard this one from our neighbors).

So the question is, will the New England Patriots surely defeat the New York Jets? Or will the New York Jets win again and will humiliate the Patriots, just like what they did to the Colts.

The Colts are really disappointed and everybody is favoring them to win last week, but they were defeated by the Jets with just 1 point. Isn't it frustrating? Can the Jets do it again tomorrow?

I don't wanna predict, just like I did in the AFC wild car match-up. I want the Patriots to win, but the Jets will never let them win that easy.

Anyway, whoever wins tomorrow will surely become the AFC champions. And whoever becomes the AFC champs will surely win the Super Bowl this year. That's just my intuition and I hope it's true.

Good luck to both teams and may the best team wins!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Indianapolis Colts defeated and I'm wrong

I admit, I'm humiliated. I'm so confident in my previous post that the Colts will win no matter what happens. But a surprising miracle happened, the New York Jets won in the AFC wild-card matchup last January 8, 2010.

A lot also predicted that the Colts will surely win and they will have a big chance to make it to the Super Bowl this year, but were disappointed.

The final score is 17-16 in favor of the Jets. Mark Sanchez leads the drive to set up Nick Folk's game-winning kick. As we've seen last Saturday night, Nick Folk made a 32-yard field goal before the game ended. This goal gave the Jets a 17-16 playoff victory over Manning's Colts to wrap up a head-to-head showdown. Everyone was really thrilled, everyone was shouting and screaming before the game ended.

In the last 53 seconds of the game, Manning moved the Colts into position for a go-ahead field. Then the four-time league MVP watched helplessly as the New York Jets drove down the field for the final seconds of the match-up.

Manning and the Colts were really disappointed with their lose. "It's disappointing with the way we lost tonight. Any time you lose on a last-second field goal, it certainly stings", Manning said in an interview.

A year ago, The Colts beat the Jets for the AFC title with a final score of 10-7. But this year is not Colts' year.

In the Divisional Playoffs on January 16 this Saturday, the Jets will face this year's favored team for the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots. Will they have a chance to defeat the Patriots? Let's see...

Congratulations to the Jets and good luck this Saturday!

Who will be the NFC and AFC champions? Let's find out after the 23rd of January!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Who will win in the AFC wild-card matchup in Indianapolis?

These two teams are great and these two teams are tough and I bet that the live stream of Indianapolis Colts vs New York Jets is much anticipated by many. They are often times tagged as the legendary teams of the American Football. The New York Jets has been defeated before by the Indianapolis Colts. Will the Colts win this year again against the Jets?

The game will start at exactly 8:00 PM ET this Saturday, January 8, 2011. I know that everyone's pretty excited to watch this upcoming wild-card match live from the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Several sports and football fans sites are saying that the Colts will win this Saturday. If you've seen the results of several surveys from CNN's Sports Illustrated, SB nation and The Spread, the Colts will really win and will surely win again!

A number of sports analysts and critics are predicting that the Indianapolis Colts will win. The Colts are really hard to defeat. They faced the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl XLIV last year, and the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI last February 2007. They are defeated but they made it to the championship that other teams are just dreaming of.

Can they make it in the Super Bowl again this year? I'm pretty sure they can, if... they can defeat the New York Jets again, and they surely will.

Can the NY Jets defeat the Colts? I don't think so. But if miracle happens for the Jets, maybe they will win and make it to the Super Bowl this year. I'm on the side of the Colts and I'm pretty biased right now. I know they will win and I predict that they will win this January 8, 2011 at Indianapolis.

Who's side are you on? Do you want the Colts to win? Or the Jets?


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dealing with sweat after a vigorous game with Powerade

Have you notice your favorite basketball players every after their game? Or perhaps the look of your favorite tennis player ever break as he/she sits on her chair in the side of the court? They are all sweaty. The same scenario that you see to yourself after vigourous workout in a fitness gym.

Sweating after a sport activity or exercise is an indication that you’re losing water weight and at the same time increasing your potential for calorie burning. It is one of the ways of seeing results in losing weight aside from weighing in a weighing scale. This is also the natural mechanism that your body does to cool down and excrete unwanted toxins. That’s why sweating is definitely an important natural process.

However, in the law of nature, everything should be in balance. If you’re losing something, you need to have a replacement to it to maintain equilibrium. In sweating you’re losing liquids. This means you’re not only losing water but at the same time electrolytes. These are essential elements in our body that are responsible to a lot of important things which includes digestion, temperature regulation, transportation of nutrients and elemination of waste products. That’s why you need to replace the loss inorder for your body to continue functioning well. You need proper rehydration.

Drinking water afterwards is definitely not enough to replenish everything. You need to drink something that has the right amount of electrolytes and carbohydrates that provides effective hydration and energy. Water has a bland taste and most often that’s reason why you don’t to want drink plenty of it. So you need a drink that has flavors in it. Water can be found anywhere and so should this drink. It needs to be available
in all leading supermarkets and convenience stores and you don’t have to spend millions just to have it. You can have a sport drink like Powerade. Basically it has completed all the things mentioned above for a drink needed for proper rehydration. It comes in Berry Ice, Orange Burst, Mountain Blast and its 500 ml bottle only costs P29. Not much to spend to maintain your body’s equilibrium and somehow empowers you more to continue facing your challenges. It is a product of The Coca-Cola Company so you don’t have to worry that much of its safety and on how it is being manufactured.

Sweating can be managed well if you would include Powerade in your exercise or sport routine. In this case, you can continue to pursue your dreams of staying fit and healthy and be the best in whatever sport your are engaged to. It’s okay to sweat that much as long you’re returning the liquid that you have lost. An effective rehydration is major key to deals with all these sweating effectively.


The NFL Draft 2013 is fast approaching and I bet football fans around the world are eager to witness the beginning of this year's NFL draft. The Super Bowl has recently ended, but the football fever is here to start again.

To know more about the latest on NFL and if you want to be on the loop and always updated about the schedule of the games, Check the NFL Football Schedule at StubHub!

Last February 23 to 26 the awesome Path to Primetime continues at the combine, where more than 300 top prospects will continue on their goal to achieve their dreams in the National Football League. We can all follow the action on the NFL Network.

Right after the 2013 NFL combine, here comes the NFL Draft. The 2013 NFL Draft returns to primetime, with the first round taking place on Thursday, April 25 at 8 PM eastern time. This will be immediately followed by the second and third rounds the day after (April 26 at 6:30 PM ET, Friday). The 4th to 7th rounds will be held on Satruday, April 27 at exactly 12 PM ET. Let's all watch it live on NFL Network!

Now the excitement is at its peak as it's already April! Full Mock Drafts by sports critics are now available online. You can also check out the different Mock drafts at NFL.com. The top 5 projections by various critics are also posted in the said website.

More updates will be posted about the NFL draft here soon! So stay tuned to be updated!