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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl 2011 Results: The Packers are this year's Super Bowl Champions!

It looks like the Packers are winning! We'll update this post once the game has ended. Right now, the Packers are close to victory with an 11-point lead. The current score is 17-28 in favor of the Green Bay Packers.

What will happen next? There's a lot of time left for the Steelers to grab the lead. But, will they grab it? Can they still prove to the Steelers that they are the champs and they are hard to defeat? Is there a hidden tactic that they Steelers are not yet revealing?

Catch the thrill and don't miss the fun! You can still watch the live stream of Super Bowl 2011.

This post will be updated once the game has ended. Steelers show the Packers that you're the king of Football!

UPDATE 10:47 PM: The Packers' lead shrinked. Big Ben pitches it to Randle-El who runs it in for the two-point conversion and now is 25-28, still in favor of the Packers. That's just a 3-point lead! This game is getting more exciting as the end is impending.

UPDATE 11:03 PM: Oh great! Now the Packers gained a huge lead against the Steelers. The score is now 25-31. Can the Steelers steal this lead? I hope so...

UPDATE 11:15 PM: The game is over and my prediction was wrong! Wow! The Packers did it! They beat the no.1 ranked team in the NFL! They deserve it. They played nice and played hard. They proved that they are a worthy opponent for the Steelers and they proved that they are the best! Congratulations Green Bay Packers! Hurray!


The Polls turned upside down in favor of the Packers

We're currently on the 3rd half and the Packers are still leading. But on the 3rd half alone, the Steelers lead 7 to 0. The Packers haven't scored yet in the 3rd round. Anyway, the Packers are still leading the game.

During the 3rd quarter, when the time is running down, Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was forced to take Pittsburgh's first timeout to avoid a delay of game penalty. Mewelde Moore picks up the first down with a 7-yard gain.

Ben throws an incomplete pass to Mike Wallace. Then, Ben did his overthrow with a 15-yard pass to Hines Ward. First down Steelers at Green Bay's 29-yard line.

Right now, the Polls turned upside down. The Packers are now favored to win this year's Super Bowl. Based on the recent polls that we've seen online, 70% are now in favor for the Green Bay Packers to win Super Bowl XLV.

We are now on the last quarter of the game and the latest score right now is 17-28, with the Packers still leading in the entire game. Will the Steelers steal the lead from the Packers? What will happen to the Steelers now? I hope they can still cope up!

Still can't find a legit live stream of the 2011 Super Bowl? Then read this post!


The Packers are winning 21-10 at the end of the first half

You've read it right, the Packers are still winning! The Steelers cut the lead to 21-10 with 39 seconds left in the half. Then that's it, the 1st half ended in favor of the Packers. Will the maintain their superiority against the Steelers in the last half? Or will the Steelers overcome this humiliation and defeat the Packers?
So far, the Packers are quite positive and they are confident that they will be this year's Super Bowl champions. Will they maintain this big lead? I don't think so.

I still think that the Steelers will surprise us in the last quarter of this match. Let's just wait and see what will happen in the last 2 quarters at the Cowboys Stadium.

The heat is the pinnacle right now! Go Steelers! Don't lose hope!

Don't miss the live stream of this year's Super Bowl! Click here or here to watch the last half of the Pittsburgh Steelers vs the Green Bay Packers!


Super Bowl 45 1st Quarter: The Packers are now leading (14-0)

Hell yeah! The Steelers won! That's what everybody saying, even if the game is not yet finished. People are screaming and cheering right now because the game isn't over yet. So far, the Green Bay Packers are leading!

We are currently on the 2nd half of the game. In the first half, the Packers scored 14, while the Steelers scored zero! Right now, the score is 14-3 in favor of the Packers. I think the Steelers are over confident that's why they are losing the game.

What will happen next? Will the Steelers catch up with the Packers? Because they will be really humiliated if they will lose this year's Super Bowl.

If you're currently looking for a working live stream, check this one and this. Too bad it's not for free anymore, but it's worth it!


Steelers vs Packers Super Bowl match will start in a few minutes!

Hear yeah! Hear yeah! The most anticipated sports event this year will start in a few minutes. At exactly 6:00 PM ET, you can watch Super Bowl 2011 live stream on FOX! Yes, that's live guys! Really! Not like before, we can't offer any free and illegal ways to watch big sports events such as the Super Bowl.

But we can give you numerous ways to watch it online. If you don't have access to FOX and you can't watch the most awaited Super Bowl live in Dallas, you can watch it straight from your PC! Yes guys, you can really watch it.

Gone are the days where people will watch it on TV and pay huge pay-per-view fees just the watch their favorite sport events live. Now, you can instantly have access to watch Super Bowl 2011 live stream.

Free live streaming websites has been seized by the US Government last week. Websites such as Atdhe.net, channelsurfing.net, hq-streams.com, hqstreams.net, firstrow.net, ilemi.com, iilemi.com, iilemii.com, rojadirecta.org and rojadirecta.com is now gone in the web.

We don't want to be part of it, that's why we are not giving any illegal ways to watch your favorite events online. Still, you can find ways to watch it, but the free stuff are now scarce. The big guys are working really hard to stop piracy, and we should not tolerate crimes such as this.

One of these days, those who watch it for free can be sued by the "big guys" behind the "big names". So let's just all be careful and watch big sporting events such as Super Bowl for a small fee.

Here are some legit websites I found for you to watch the much anticipated Super Bowl XLV a few minutes from now
1. Live Stream of Steelers vs Packers at Bowl45.com
2. Super Bowl XLV Live Stream at PittsburghvsGreenbay.com

Let's all enjoy this year's Super Bowl guys and let's watch it legally.


The NFL Draft 2013 is fast approaching and I bet football fans around the world are eager to witness the beginning of this year's NFL draft. The Super Bowl has recently ended, but the football fever is here to start again.

To know more about the latest on NFL and if you want to be on the loop and always updated about the schedule of the games, Check the NFL Football Schedule at StubHub!

Last February 23 to 26 the awesome Path to Primetime continues at the combine, where more than 300 top prospects will continue on their goal to achieve their dreams in the National Football League. We can all follow the action on the NFL Network.

Right after the 2013 NFL combine, here comes the NFL Draft. The 2013 NFL Draft returns to primetime, with the first round taking place on Thursday, April 25 at 8 PM eastern time. This will be immediately followed by the second and third rounds the day after (April 26 at 6:30 PM ET, Friday). The 4th to 7th rounds will be held on Satruday, April 27 at exactly 12 PM ET. Let's all watch it live on NFL Network!

Now the excitement is at its peak as it's already April! Full Mock Drafts by sports critics are now available online. You can also check out the different Mock drafts at NFL.com. The top 5 projections by various critics are also posted in the said website.

More updates will be posted about the NFL draft here soon! So stay tuned to be updated!